Why Should I Join?

“My savings through Food Source Plus was a Win-Win! I saved over $200 in one weeks order for a center of 100 children and was able to continue to use my current vendor.  That’s over $10,000 per year! “ –Director from Eastern VA

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Why Should I Join Virginia Shared Services Network?

Cost Savings

  • Food and Food Service Supplies: 10-30%
  • Office Supplies: (Staples) 12-45%
  • Child Products and Supplies (Kaplan, Constructive Playthings, Lakeshore and Discount School Supply) up to 22%
  • Cell Phone: (Sprint) 25-30% for your staff and business
  • Credit Card Payment Processing: (Chase) up to 50%

Program Administration

  • Parent Handbook that you can customize
  • Guidance on working with your Board
  • Sample budget and per classroom cost analysis
  • Policies to consider for your program


  • Templates for classroom events, newsletters, & field trips
  • Books by age with companion activities
  • Parent handouts/books on sensitive topics
  • Various curriculum topics with resources

Human Resources

  • Employee Handbook you can customize
  • Job descriptions, interview guide, and performance appraisals
  • Termination and discipline policies/procedures
  • Employee Orientation Toolkit with timeline


  • Beautiful marketing templates you can customize
  • Professional email services
  • Savings on Printing
  • “How to” guide for a step-by-step marketing plan


  • State regulations separated by topic for easy access
  • Links to local permitting offices and voluntary registration


  • Emergency preparedness guides and tools
  • Virginia Early Learning Guidelines
  • Information on national accreditation