VDSS Memo: Fingerprint Communication Update

VDSS Memo: Fingerprint Communication Update #2, 07.17.17


  • Fieldprint was awarded the contract for fingerprinting.
  • An implementation plan has not been determined at this time; please continue with business as usual in regards to the completion of background checks.
  • The cost of fingerprinting has been determined. The total cost will cover fees for Fieldprint, Virginia State Police, FBI, and Office of Background Investigation (OBI). Employees, foster/adoptive parents, relative placement/kinship foster, birth parents, household members = $57.00

NOTE:  The fingerprinting is replacing the VA State Police Criminal Record Check ($15/$20) only.  Individuals will still need to complete the Sworn Affirmation and obtain Child Protective Services Check of the Central Registry ($10)

Please do not submit a fingerprint check to meet the background check requirement until VDSS instructs you to do so.