Gun Safety Tips

Gun Safety In Your Home

Never leave children unsupervised in a home with a gun.

Store guns unloaded and secured with effective, child-resistant gun locks in a locked container out of the reach and sight of children.

Store ammunition in a separate locked container out of the reach and sight of children.

Never assume your child doesn’t know where you store your gun. Make sure the key or safe combination as also hidden.

Have conversations to educate your child. Make sure they know to never touch a gun and always tell an adult if they see one. Talking about gun safety is important, but it doesn’t replace the need to keep guns locked, unloaded, and out of reach.

Gun Safety in Other Homes

A child’s access to a firearm can result in tragedy. While it’s important to ensure the firearms in your own home are unloaded, locked and stored in a location out of your children’s reach, it’s also important to screen homes your child visits to confirm your child will be safe there, as well. Child Care Aware of Virginia encourages all parents to ask families, friends, and child care providers if there is an unlocked gun in the home.