What is VQB5?

Beginning in August 2023, all approved Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP) vendors that serve children ages birth-to-five are required by state law to participate in VQB5. (If you are a family day home provider approved as a Child Care Subsidy Program vendor who provides care for less than four children who are all your direct relatives, you are not required to participate in VQB5).

The Unified Virginia Quality Birth to Five System (VQB5) is a measurement and improvement system that focuses on the quality of all publicly-funded birth-five classrooms and supports families to choose quality programming across different program types. VQB5 sets shared expectations for measuring quality and supporting teachers for all birth to five programs. VQB5 is required by state law (keep link). The goals of VQB5 are to help improve quality, support families, and ensure that all Virginia children start kindergarten ready.

All publicly-funded sites, including CCSP vendors, must complete the following three VQB5 activities. 

  1. Sites must register between August 15-October 3 in LinkB5, the VQB5 data portal. 
  2. Every eligible classroom must complete 2 local classroom observations, one in the fall and one in the spring, using the CLASS measure. 
  3. All participating sites must participate in external CLASS observations for each age-level served, between August 15, 2023 and May 31, 2024. 

Publicly-funded sites that do not complete the participation requirements will be out of compliance with the law and may have public funding terminated. Programs that do not receive public funding have the option to participate.

Virginia has regional early childhood partners called Ready Regions who support the coordination of VQB5 at the local level across all communities in the Commonwealth. Ready Regions will support your site with registration, including providing instructions on how to set up a user account in LinkB5 starting in August. Ready Regions are also able to provide site leaders and teachers with information about how to access free CLASS training this summer. You can find your Ready Region and contact information here

What are the benefits of participating in VQB5?

  • Educators and leaders will receive individualized feedback and support.
  • Educators and leaders will have access to supports, training, and resources to help improve interactions and access to curriculum.
  • Quality profiles will be posted publicly starting in the fall of 2024. All programs will receive a certificate.
  • Eligible educators can receive up to $3000 through RecognizeB5 to assist with providing competitive compensation.

Where can I learn more about VQB5?

Please contact vqb5@doe.virginia.gov with any additional questions.