Become a Subsidy Vendor

Step 1: Watch our on-demand (recorded) Info Session (above) and consider registering for an optional Child Care Subsidy Orientation Training. These trainings are offered virtually several times each month.

Step 2: Review the steps for completing your Subsidy Program Vendor Application here, including:

The Application Guides for your specific provider type for a complete list of documentation to include with your application, additional program requirements, as well as model forms for Required Documents.

Step 3: Complete the CCSP Vendor Application and upload all required documentation to the Subsidy Vendor Application Portal.

Step 4: Some applicants are required to undergo a subsidy monitoring inspection prior to approval and once annually, thereafter. A representative of the Office of Health and Safety will contact the applicant within 30 days of referral by the Child Care Subsidy Program staff (note: child care programs approved under local ordinance have additional inspection requirements.)

Step 5: Applicants will receive a letter or email with their approval or denial within 45 days of their subsidy monitoring inspection results being received.

Visit the VDOE website for more detailed information.

Once you become an approved Subsidy Vendor, consider attending our Steps to Success for Subsidy Vendors training series.