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Vehicle Technology to Prevent Heatstroke

Along with education, technology can be a useful tool in preventing vehicle-related tragedies. While some newer vehicles include occupant detection systems, more help is needed to make this technology standard across the board. While we push for better vehicle standards, take a look at a few of the different products and apps available to parents to help prevent child heatstroke. Check out some of them below:

  • CleverElly: This simple device reminds the driver to check the back seat before exiting the vehicle. It requires no installation and doubles as a USB car charger.
  • Ride N Remind System: While this system requires professional installation, once installed, it works automatically without batteries, key chains, or apps. If the car’s back door is opened before the drive, a chime will sound at the end of the drive. If the chime is not responded to, the car horn will honk. To turn off the alarm, open the back door again and press a button inside.
  • Kars 4 Kids Safety App: A free Android app that reminds drivers to check the back seat when leaving the car. It offers varying levels of customization for alert frequency, sound, and other settings.
  • Waze Navigation App – Child Alert Setting: This popular GPS navigation app includes a Child Alert feature that reminds users to check the back seat when they arrive at their destination. Click the link to learn how to enable this setting.

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