New Year. New Resolutions. Healthier You!

The New Year is a time for fresh starts and resolutions. Many people use the New Year as a chance to set goals and intentions to improve different areas of their lives. From saving money, to exercising, to spending more time with loved ones- setting goals at the start of the year is a great practice.

As adults, our goals may be a bit more complex, but our children can benefit from goal-setting as well.Creating New Year’s resolutions with and for your children can help to set your child on the right path. By helping children establish healthy goals now, you encourage them to embrace healthy lifestyles as they grow into adults.

Make this the year you and your family lead

a healthier, more intentional lifestyle. 


At Home

Parents play a huge role in helping kids establish and maintain goals. Take some time as a family to come up with goals together. PBS for parents suggests that the best way to teach your children the importance of New Year’s resolutions is by making it part of the family tradition. Check out this template for a Family Goal Setting.

For younger children, this might mean assessing their current developmental milestones and determining where they need some attention. Maybe your toddler is walking like a pro but needs to add some words to their vocabulary. Make a plan, create action steps, and work for that goal! Your child will thank you for it later.

For older children, this might look like being more physically active or establishing better meal habits. You’re the parent and you know your child well, but don’t forget to let them weigh in. Ask them what they’d like to accomplish this year. Chances are they will be much more involved and excited about what they’re doing if they have a voice in the process.

In Child Care

Providers also play a role in helping establish and maintain goals. Because children in child care spend a majority of their waking hours with their providers, this is where a lot of growth can happen. Be sure to share your goals with your child care provider. Let them know what you’re working towards so that they can help. Children thrive the most when all of the caregivers in their lives are on the same page. This goes for goal-setting, as well!  

Accomplishing a goal feels great. Let’s share that feeling with our young ones.

Plan for a healthy and happy 2020!