Car Seat Safety

Every single time a child rides in a vehicle, they should be correctly restrained in a child safety seat that is appropriate for their age, height, and weight.  The leading cause of death from children ages 3-14 is a car crash, and over half of those children were unrestrained or improperly restrained in the vehicle.  Child safety seats decrease the risk of a fatal injury by 71% among infants and 54% among toddlers, but 95% of child safety seats in the United States are installed incorrectly by caregivers.  This is why it’s so important to take the time to research your child safety seat and vehicle to make sure that you are correctly restraining your child.  Proper restraint includes choosing the correct seat for you child based on their age, height, and weight.  The resources below will assist you in choosing the correct seat for your child and making sure they are properly restrained in that seat.


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Additional Resources

State Resources

Free Training Courses from the Institute for Childhood Preparedness

Resources from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Car Safety Products

  • Clever Elly — Clever Elly is a device that plugs into your car’s power port and will remind your to check the back seat every time the car is turned off and the door is opened.
  • Car Seat Co-Pilot — Car Seat Co-Pilot is a seatbelt sensor that clips to the straps of your child’s car seat.  When you exit the car without your baby, the alarm will beep to let you know.
  • BabyIn BabyOut — A two-sided hangtag to visually remind parents and caregivers that baby is in the car.

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