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Managing Your Child’s Stress

Although childhood may seem like the most carefree phase of life, our children are experiencing stress all the time. As a parent, you can’t prevent stress. You can, however, help your child develop healthy ways to manage the stress they feel. We already learned what stress looks like and where it’s coming from, but how… Read more »

Types of Childhood Stress and How to Identify It

Children and adults handle stress differently. We learned that common reactions for adults include headaches, shutting down, lashing out, blaming, or even resorting to abuse and neglect. Adults have the ability to cope with such stressors, though, and hopefully have some up with ways to positively react to stress. Children, on the other hand, haven’t… Read more »

Stressful Situations

Children can be stressful! They can be clingy, throw temper tantrums, whine, and cry when things don’t go their way. This week, we’re going to dig a little deeper into these behaviors and talk about how to curb the stress when they come up. Clinginess  Imagine you go to drop your 2 year old off… Read more »

Where Is All This Stress Coming From?

In our last blog we defined stress and talked about the toll it can take on us. Now, let’s talk more about what’s causing our stress and start to think about how we respond when stressful situations arise. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Getting a grasp on our stress levels and triggers… Read more »

Stress: The Basics

We’ve all felt stress in one way or another. It has a way of sneaking up and can affect our entire being: mentally, socially, and even physically. When stressful situations come up, it’s easy to lose our cool and act in ways we normally wouldn’t. In this blog series, we are going to learn more… Read more »

You Are Your Child’s Favorite Toy

As your child grows and develops, it’s important to continue finding opportunities for the family to play together. Have fun and use the time to bond as a family. In this post, we’ll learn some different activities and games to play with our toddlers and preschoolers to help facilitate learning, development, and strengthening relationships.  Toddler… Read more »

Let’s Play!

Incorporating play into your family routine is another great way to establish strong family connections.   As we learned about in The Power of Play in Brain Development, play helps children develop in several areas, from communication to motor skills to problem solving skills.  Family fun is not limited by age; you can play a… Read more »

Increasing Communication… Strengthening our Families

Once our children get a little older and have mastered their language skills, it’s important that parents start to establish healthy forms of communication. Communication is so important to building positive relationships with our kids, so what are some ways we can work on those skills? In this blog, we’ll explore some ways to increase… Read more »

Communicating throughout Your Child’s Development

Checking in… Before we can communicate with our children, we have to check in with ourselves. Take a moment to read about the different parenting styles and the effects they can have on our children. What’s your parenting style? Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! Once you’ve discovered your parenting style, it’s important to keep everyone on the… Read more »

Self-Regulation is Key

Self-Regulation is Fundamental to Emotional Development Self-regulation is a child’s ability to manage their full range of emotions according to the situation. A child who has developed self-regulation can stop themselves from throwing a temper tantrum when something doesn’t go their way or can calm themselves down when they become upset. Being able to control… Read more »