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Choosing Quality Child Care

While parents are at work providing for their families, they should feel at peace knowing their child is in a safe, nurturing learning environment. Quality early childhood experiences are essential… Read more »

Establishing Healthy Meal Habits

  In a past blog post, we talked about the importance of family meal time. Time spent around the table as a family has overwhelming benefits that can help to… Read more »

Keep It Moving

As adults, we tend to imagine treadmills, dumbbells or our favorite Zumba Class when we hear the word “exercise.” Use of equipment and organized group classes keep us on track,… Read more »

Balancing Screen Time and Family Time

Let’s face it, kids can’t get enough of technology. So, let’s talk screen time. TV shows, the internet, and video games can offer children a creative source of learning and… Read more »

Supporting Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Registration began on April 11th in Virginia. Maybe you’re a parent in shock that you just registered your baby to start school or maybe you’re eager to kick start… Read more »

Garden to Table: Growing a Love for Veggies

We are excited to introduce our new blog series: Encouraging Wellness. Raising healthy kids is a full-time job- from understanding development to communication to relationship building and everything in between…. Read more »

Encouraging a Healthy Start

Fostering connections and strong relationships with your child are key to supporting their healthy social-emotional development. Let’s explore some relationship-building activities that you can add to your daily routine with… Read more »

Understanding Where YOU Are

During the course of this blog series, we’ve learned a lot about healthy social-emotional development and its long-term benefits. We’ve talked about milestones and staying alert to our children as… Read more »

Knowing When to Ask For Help

In our last blog post, we learned about social-emotional milestones and the importance of observing as our children develop…but what happens if we notice that our child isn’t meeting his or… Read more »