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Emotional Intensity and Reactivity

  In our last blog, we discovered that temperament is a set of characteristics that each child is born with and develops throughout their life. We discussed how it is… Read more »

What is Temperament?

What is Temperament? Every child is born with his own individual way of approaching the world. This is known as temperament, and is often considered to be the foundation for… Read more »

The Power of Play in Brain Development

Food isn’t the only thing that fuels brain development. Children also develop skills through playing! Perhaps when you hear the word “play,” what comes to mind is a game of… Read more »

Yes, the Brain Can Bounce Back!

In our last blog post, we discussed how negative experiences can be detrimental to brain development. Today we’re here to discuss just how resilient the brain is and show how… Read more »

Brain Development Begins Before Birth!

Parts of the Brain The brain grows sequentially, from the bottom to the top.  The brainstem is first, controlling important physical functions including breathing, heart rate, and body temperature.  Next,… Read more »