What To Do When There Isn’t Enough Care

In today’s challenging times, finding care can be harder than ever. Many providers have waiting lists, limited availability, or have closed due to the pandemic. If you’re struggling, try these tactics:  

  • Raise Your Voice: Tell your story to your city, state, and national legislators so they are aware of what families are struggling with today. They may be able to enact legislation that can help alleviate the problem. A personal letter of phone call is amazingly effective.
  • Think Outside the Box: Search for care in different locations – near work, on your commute, or even in a neighboring town. You may even want to try a different route to work and search for options along that commute. Try to be flexible and open-minded.
  • Temporary Solutions: Make a short-term plan for child care, but don’t give up until you find the kind of care you’re looking for. This could include relatives, neighbors, or even a shared care arrangement with another family. Consider a shared care arrangement or sharing one in-home caregiver for two families. Offer to pay the caregiver double the going rate if you can.
  • Get on the List: Apply for waiting lists at every program that could work for you. Openings can happen unexpectedly.
  • Reach Out: Talk to your network – family, friends, coworkers, and community members. Someone may have faced similar challenges and can offer helpful advice.
  • Consider a Shift: If possible, discuss changing your work hours with your employer. Different shifts or job-sharing with a coworker could open up new care options.
  • Support Family Friendly Policies: Encourage your employer to offer child care benefits and flexible schedules. Advocate for on-site care or partnerships with local providers.
  • Promote Community Solutions: Encourage your local school to offer extended day care. Participate in community planning groups and surveys to address unmet needs..
  • Keep In Touch: Make sure you’ve considered all the types of care available to you. Our Referral Specialist is an excellent resource to help you find care options you may not have considered.